Avidyne EXP5000 Envision® Installation Kit: Cirrus SR-20 and SR-22

Southern Star Avionics has been awarded an FAA STC for the Avidyne Envision® primary flight display retrofit installation for pre-2003 Cirrus SR-20 and 22 models. The full turn-key Avidyne Envision® PFD installation-ready kit is now available from Southern Star Avionics.  

This Exclusive Installation-Ready Kit Includes:

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Just a few of the many benefits of the Cirrus Envision® kit:

This installation is customizable to your standards. The PFD is recommended to be used with Avidyne’s EX5000 or 500 multi-function display (MFD). The MFD is available from authorized dealers only.

We also offer DAU upgrades for aircraft that may already have the primary flight display installed. The DAU kit includes a new instrument panel and DAU for retrofit installation.

Let Southern Star Avionics take your aircraft to new heights today with an Avidyne Envision® PFD retrofit installation for your pre-2003 Cirrus SR-20 or 22. Envision® gives owners of earlier SR-20 & 22 aircraft the same benefits of the Entegra® flight deck used by the OEMs in the latest model aircraft.

Contact Southern Star Avionics for your Avidyne Envision® installation kit or to schedule an installation at our Mobile, Alabama facility.

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Envision EXP5000

The Envision EXP5000 features a 10.4” high resolution and the brightest big-screen moving map available in general aviation. The wide viewing angle and brilliant color capability provide clear and concise navigation information.  It has an exceptional color-contoured terrain and water base map.

The EXP5000 also has a two-way datalink and the ability to interface with the XM WX broadcast system.  You can view NEXRAD and graphical METAR weather information seamlessly integrated on a large 10.4” moving map with flightplan, lightning, traffic, and terrain information.



Envision EX500

The Envision FlightMax EX500 keeps you connected with the complete weather picture, and aircraft-specific datalink two-way communications.  The EX500 has the ability to interface with the XM WX broadcast system, and its built-in two-way datalink transceiver.

The FlightMax EX500 features AVIDYNE’s industry-leading, 5.5-inch high-resolution, active-matrix liquid-crystal display (AMLCD), providing the brightest, big-screen moving map available.




The CMax is available for Envision EX500 and EXP5000 models.  It offers
geo-referenced approach charts and airport diagrams from Jeppesen giving easy access to critical flight information.The data is displayed on a 10.4” MFD screen for a paperless cockpit.

CMax uses Jeppesen’s JeppView Electronic Airway Manual to make viewing an airport or approach easier.  CMax automatically loads your departure airport at startup, your destination airport and available approaches at the time your flight plan is entered.




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