Southern Star Avionics also prides itself in having products that we are continually researching and developing, such as StarFLIR (Forward Looking Infrared), which is our low-cost solution to an enhanced vision system.  The StarFLIR system will assist pilots in locating the runway during approach in bad weather and at night.  Southern Star Avionics has the capabilities to be a one-stop shop for StarFLIR integration.

Limited visibility and reduced situational awareness have been cited as predominant causal factors for both Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) and runway incursion accidents.  The StarFLIR System will be able to provide visual cues on the ground as well to prevent collisions with obstacles on the ground while taxiing and to prevent runway incursion by being able to have an increased level of situational awareness.

The market for retrofit installations of FLIR systems is expected to grow.  As the technology improves to allow for smaller, lighter and less expensive installations, more aircraft owners will want to take advantage of the improved safety and situational awareness offered by FLIR.  It is conceivable that the total cost could be under $20,000 for the total StarFlir system.